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Next target: Pier 1 Card

I had a financial meeting yesterday with my husband and we decided that the next card that we need to attack is Pier 1 credit card. Yes, I know it is the horror of all horrors to have a department store card but we haven’t paid any interest on it so far because there was a special 0% promotion going on when we got the card. We will be charged interest in March of 2009, so it is better to act now before it is too late.

The total amount on this card is $1726. So it is not too, too bad. We should be able to pay it off before March. How? Translation gigs. I was born outside of the US and hence, my native language is not English. As a result, I picked up translation as my side job. Every once in a while, translation companies contact me to do some work for them. I haven’t done any work for the past month or so but I’m hoping something new will come up soon. I will use this blog to document my progress in paying off Pier 1. As for now, I need to get ready for my day job. Ta Ta.


Capitol One card no more!

I woke up early this morning and logged in Mint first thing. I really wanted to see the number “0” next to my Capitol One card that I had for over three years. Yes. I made it. Capitol One card is now paid off completely. Just last week, I moved $165 from my short-term savings account and paid off the last remainder of Capitol One. Yes. I’m happy! All of these side gigs finally paid off. I remember this card at one point had over $3000. Not anymore. It is done! It is finished! Finito!