Capitol One card no more!

I woke up early this morning and logged in Mint first thing. I really wanted to see the number “0” next to my Capitol One card that I had for over three years. Yes. I made it. Capitol One card is now paid off completely. Just last week, I moved $165 from my short-term savings account and paid off the last remainder of Capitol One. Yes. I’m happy! All of these side gigs finally paid off. I remember this card at one point had over $3000. Not anymore. It is done! It is finished! Finito!


3 responses to “Capitol One card no more!

  1. Awesome news! Good job! Keep it up!!!

  2. Well Done! Don’t much care for Capital One. My new card is a Barclaycard.

  3. Thank you for the encouragement and the kind words.

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