Skype anyone?

My parents, my siblings and almost all of my family members live overseas, in a far, far away land. Every Sunday we talk on the phone. Sometimes they call, other times I do.

Before embracing my frugal lifestyle, I used to buy calling cards online and then use them to call overseas. Although they were pretty affordable, they were not free. Now, I only use Skype. My parents and I usually agree on a certain time, most of the time it is 10:00 am on Sunday, and then we both log on to Skype, hook our microphones and start talking. We also have webcams, which makes chatting over Skype eve more fun. Sometimes we talk for over an hour uninterrupted. All of this is of course, for free!.

Last year, I considered Skype but then I dismissed it as being a hassle and opted instead for phone cards. Not any more. Hassle or not, Skype is the way to go.


One response to “Skype anyone?

  1. I use Skype too to keep in touch cheaply with my son…. it’s great to be able to see the person at the same time as speaking to them….and of course you don’t worry about the cost!

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